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WECK Deco Jars

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Why customers love it: Our Deco Jar is popular for home decor, soups, and spice displays. Customers enjoy the wide opening of the glass, and the jar’s size and beautiful, unique, rounded shape that is perfect for storage, crafts or gifts. Customers also like this jar for candles, planters, and event decor. If shopping for lid alternatives like wood, cork or keep fresh cover, select lid size large.


1/2 L jar: Height: 3 3/8″ Opening: 3 1/8″ Volume: 18.9 fl. oz.

1L jar: Height: 4 1/8″ Opening: 3 7/8″ Volume: 35.9 fl oz.

How to use: To open, remove the clamps, glass lid and rubber gasket. To seal, place the rubber gasket on the bottom side of the glass lid, press on top of the jar, use the clamps to seal shut.