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Travelon Gel Seat Cushion

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No more shifting and stretching trying to find a comfortable position on long flights or drives – when you treat yourself to the Travelon honeycomb gel seat cushion experience. Engineered using Elastic Silicone Gel, and a unique gel cooling honeycomb design, helps increase air circulation. Provides ergonomic support while eliminating pressure points that relieve pain in lower back, sciatica, tailbone and hip pain and hemorrhoids every time you sit. More durable than other types of seat cushions, it won't lose its shape. Washable and portable, it just might be the perfect seat cushion.


• Reduces back pain and stiffness to ensure comfort

• Absorbs Pressure points by collapsing in on itself

• Honeycomb design allows air to circulate underneath

• Removable cover for washing

• Fold in half for easy transport