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Time Fragments: Traces of Newfoundland, The Artwork of Margaret Ryall

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Time Fragments: Traces of Newfoundland the artwork of Margaret Ryall. Newfoundland artist Margaret Ryall collects things or, as she would say, objects find her. They are pieces of old houses and sheds, discarded fishing gear, bits and pieces of peoples homes, their work, their lives, fragments that time has left behind, remnants of a style of life quicky disappearing. From these bits and pieces, she makes new constructions relating things that were never related in the past, raising the commonest of objects to a new level of honor and respect, and she does it with a Modernist's balance of line and color and proportion overlaying a historian's point of view.

Time Fragments presents twenty nine images of Margaret's constructions with her comments about each of them. This is the second book in a series celebrating little-sung Newfouldland artists.