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The Lunenburg Makery Needle Felting Kits

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The Lunenburg Makery is currently an online platform for learning, making and gathering around craft. In 2012 they opened a multi-purpose craft space in the historic Burns Block building including sewing facilities, a library and reading area, a retail space and studios. They offered workshops and courses as well as drop-in projects, sew-by-the-hour, evening craft circles, and studio space.

Over the years they've drawn on a rich community of Makers for their instructor base and work with a small group of creative and passionate staff to keep things going on a day-to-day basis. Needle felting kits were added to their established felt sewing kit line-up in 2015 and the collection has grown steadily ever since! 

Their boxed kits contain everything needed to create a felt masterpiece of your own.