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The Lady From Kent by Barbara Nichol

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Full Title: The Lady From Kent: A Story for Girls and Boys and Bees Dressed Up as Fleas and Crocodiles. Also Elves. by Barbara Nichol
THE LADY FROM KENT, by Barbara Nichol, was written over a long period of time. First came a sketch, then a few verses. Then other verses came along. Nichol finished it on the coast of BC in the back kitchen of a house on Savary Island. Alone, she saw deer pass by. Unafraid. They would stop and graze. Nichol covered the old green wood kitchen table with post-it notes, each representing a verse, moving verses back and forth, around and around on the table, putting the poem together like a puzzle. It sometimes seemed impossible to get it right. She burned to tell the Lady's story: to make people understand this intrepid, confident being. She seemed a person who would not take on the opinions of the culture: what a person is allowed to do or not do, about limitations, and about conventional standards of beauty.