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Running the Goat Press

The Degrees of Barley Lick by Susan Flanagan

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Barley had to get rid of this arsehole. “Sorry, Mr.?”
“Newton. Fred Newton. I met you the other night.”
Oh my God, it’s the mutant molester. Ugh. Barley stuck out his tongue and clicked off his phone. His mother was going to kill him. But he didn’t care. The thought of having anything to do with that man turned his stomach. How dare he say that whatever he was doing was more important than GeoFind. This contest meant everything to Barley, and he was going to win it for his father.

Life has been hard for sixteen-year-old Barley Lick: he split with his girlfriend, his father died, and now his mother has a new boyfriend, a cop named Fred Newton. Not even Barley’s new Great Dane, Stanley, can make things right.

Then Newton wants Barley to use his geocaching skills to help solve a mystery, and that would mean losing a huge geocaching competition to his ex-girlfriend and arch-enemy Phyllis. But Barley soon realizes that a young boy’s life may be in danger, and time to rescue him is running out.