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Pokoloko Fair Trade Alpacasilk Scarves

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You’ve found our most luxurious and premium scarf collection to date - welcome. Made exclusively of natural and high-quality materials, the colours and composition bring an unparalleled elegance, warmth and you’ll have a great story to share while wearing it.

A blend of silk and baby alpaca offers an exceptional hand feel, quality, and texture. A truly unique textile, it is uncommon to find this fibre blend. Baby alpaca refers to the fleece from the very first sheer of an alpaca. This is the softest it will ever be.

An ethical process, no animals are ever harmed for Pokoloko products. This fibre has one of the most sustainable fiber production processes.

Alpaca is one of the highest performing natural technical fibres; it has a thermal quality that allows air circulation in warm weather, and in cold weather, contains heat. Its size allows for multiple ways to layer and style. A seasonal staple for your wardrobe, or offer as a memorable gift.

70% baby alpaca, 30% sustainable silk 

Caring for AlpacaSilk

  • If washing is needed, hand wash with mild soap.
  • Do not wring, scrunch, stretch, or twist.
  • Hang to dry, do not dry in a dryer machine.