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Pietersma Tinworks Electric Pierced Tin Lamps

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Looking for a way to light a dark corner? How about a unique gift? What about a centerpiece? Check out our Punched Lamps!



It’s hard to describe the effect of our punched lamps. When we display them at craft shows, people wandering the aisles often stop and stare. We hear “Wow” as they walk mesmerized into the booth. After browsing our patterns, customers comment on how they shine like crystals. Unlike many other similar products our lamps really do sparkle. We do not remove any material in the process of punching the lamps. The slightly rough edges of the holes refract the light. This combined with the direction of the piercings creates their characteristic crystal-like sparkle.

But there is more to these lamps! Our shades are designed to easily lift off the electrical base, allowing them to be used with candles. Now you can make it into a unique centerpiece.

Dimensions: 9.6 x 5.5 " with tin baseplate, cord with in-line switch, and lightbulb. 

About The Maker

Handmade in Chesterville, Ontario by Master Tinsmith Greg Pietersma.

While working at Upper Canada Village, Greg was introduced to the art of tinsmithing.  To develop his skills he apprenticed with Billy McMillan on Staten Island, NY.  Greg worked as UVC's master tinsmith for several years before venturing out with his wife Amanda to create the Pietersma Tinworks.

Greg has combined his passion for antique tinware witha strong tradition of craftsmanship to build tinware that is fuctional in this century.  Inspired by the inguity of the 19th century tinsmith, Greg has built his own tools and machines to become a modern tinman.