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One Man's Journey: The Mi’kmaw Revival in Ktaqmkuk By Calvin White

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2024 SPARKS Festival Featured Title!


With a story spanning over seventy years of the life of respected Elder Calvin White, One Man’s Journey weaves personal history with White’s account of the Mi’kmaw movement and his role in the reclamation and restoration of pride in Mi’kmaw culture in Newfoundland.

Elder White’s journey began in the forests surrounding his home of Flat Bay, where he learned to fish, hunt, and gather from a group of respected mentors who influenced and inspired him. His story recounts how the lessons learned from these valuable moments fueled his later work to spearhead the Mi’kmaw movement throughout the island of Newfoundland, amid the fight for recognition by the provincial and federal governments. His words do not shy away from the prejudice and discrimination faced by his people, and they provide a personal account of the history, responsibilities, philosophy, and worldview of his community.

One Man’s Journey is a personal and critical look at the processes that have led to the recognition of Mi’kmaw people in Newfoundland. The book shares knowledge and history with a new generation so they can continue the movement to which Elder White has been so instrumental.