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Nordic Grip WalkSafe Traction Aid

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Ice cleats have existed in different forms over centuries, and many patents have been developed during this time. In the early 2000s, Nordic Grips were created and registered as a Norwegian brand with a desire to revolutionize the ice cleat market! The Walking Cleat is a bestseller and the original Nordic Grips claim to fame!


  • Perfect for mid-pace walking in urban or rural surroundings
  • Suitable for most terrains, as well as snow and ice
  • Made from post-consumer TPE compound with 100% stainless steel studs
  • Optimal stud placement for walking - 6 front studs, 4 rear studs
  • Winner of the "Best in Test TV 2" 2013 Norwegian product championship


Slip the front portion of Nordic Grips Walk over the toe of your boot, and adjust so the 6 front studs are placed at the ball of your foot. Then pull the back portion of the grip over the heel of your boot, positioning the 4 rear studs underneath the centre of your heel, and you're ready for whatever the weather holds! 


Nordic Grip Size Men's US Shoe Size Women's US Shoe Size 


3 - 5 3.5 - 6.5
Medium 5 - 8 6.5 - 9
Large 8 - 12 9 - 13
Extra Large 12+ 13+