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Newfoundland Seasonings

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These spice blends are created right here in Newfoundland & Labrador,  using the highest quality local and imported spices available! Versatility is our game so there is no limitations on what you can create!
We are not just another Newfoundland novelty item, our seasoning blends are delicious, popular and affordable! Newfoundland Seasonings make a great personal or corporate gift, and are easy to ship to loved ones living away!
Packaging is biodegradable.
  • Moose Spice is a bold BBQ rub by nature. It is extremely versatile and easy to use, but it is the added local juniper that complements moose and other game meats so well. If you are lucky enough to have access to game meats try moose spice on caribou, elk, deer, bison and wild boar. If your not so lucky, Moose Spice is amazing on pork, beef, chicken, lamb and even salmon.  Gluten Free, Vegan, All natural.

  • Cod Spice. Add a little Newfoundland Accent to your seafood with this versatile blend of seasonings featuring dill, fennel, parsley, pepper, orange, local savory and lightly smoked Atlantic sea salt. Cod spice is sure to give every dish that familiar taste of Home.*Fish cakes, chowders, mussels, crab & salmon! (even chicken)Gluten Free, Vegan, All Natural.
  • Taste of Home. No matter how you say it, weather you drop the 'H' or not ..Home is Home! Taste of Home is made with all natural herbs & spices (Parsley, thyme, rosemary, paprika, ginger, pepper) vegetables (onion, garlic) and hint of orange zest! So try it on meats, fish, poultry, soups, casseroles, and in sauces. Its warm and savory flavour will have you gathering around the dining room table time and time again to enjoy all your favorite meals with friends and family. Gluten Free, Vegan, All Natural.

  • Steak & Burger. Newfoundland Steak, Burger and Caesar Spice is an east coast inspired blend, featuring Atlantic sea salt, pepper,cayenne, cumin, dill seed & a hint of Newfoundland savory. No matter if you are grilling steaks and chops or frying chicken breasts and burgers, our local blend is sure to add that extra zest and flavour to meats and every dish you create! Then why not wash it all down with a Bold yet Friendly Newfoundland Steak Spice Caesar? Gluten Free, Vegan, All Natural. 

  • The Ragin' Bayman is a rubber boot stompen' hot BBQ rub and seasoning!