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Marigold Collective

Marigold Collective Silk Kantha Scarf

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These beautiful, soft scarves are crafted from upcycled vintage silk saris. The scarves are stitched using the traditional kantha stitch typical to parts of Eastern India. 

Each scarf is unique in pattern and color, and threads, frayed edges, patches are all part of the nature of working with vintage cloth and re-creating a new product from old.  Two saris are put back to back and then sewn together with the "kantha" running stitch which creates a completely different color and pattern on one side and then the other. 

Marigold Collective is a social enterprise dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women.  They partner with women-focused Fair Trade Artisan Cooperatives in developing countries to provide market access for their high quality products.  The goal is to support women in their effort to overcome poverty and to being able to provide a sustainable livelihood for their families while preserving heritage craft traditions.  

This product comes in a variety of different colours, and each piece is unique given the crafting process.

Please specify in the checkout notes which colours you would prefer

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