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Marigold Collective Jute Picnic Tote

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Crafted by a fair trade women's cooperative in Bangladesh, the Jute Tote is extremely durable with leather handles, fastened on rivets. They carry over 90 pounds! The Jute tote is 100% biodegradable

The Jute Tote is also very sustainable. Not only is Jute 100% biodegradable, it also has a low CO2 footprint, releasing (literally) tons of Oxygen into the air!

The mission of this cooperative is to create Eco-friendly products and by doing so, support woman and their families in Bangladesh. The lives of rural women belonging to this cooperative are improved by providing employment, literary classes and training on nutrition, women's legal rights and finance. When women are empowered, the community as a whole is transformed and improved livelihoods make life more enjoyable and sustainable. More income means better education, better food and peace in the households.

100% Natural Jute Harvested in Bangladesh
Water-Resistant Lining
Leather Handles

Tote: 40cm x 36cm x 19 cm (15.7in x 14.1in x 7.4in)
Handle: 33cm x 2cm (13in x 2in)