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Lucky Iron Fish Cooking Tool

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Low on iron? Cook with the Lucky Iron Fish.

The Lucky Iron Fish® is a simple and effective cooking tool that adds extra iron to your daily foods or drinks.
It is an affordable solution, especially for those with iron deficiency anemia.

The Lucky Iron Cooking Tool is designed to add a significant portion of your daily required iron intake when added to any boiling liquids for 10 minutes.

Simply add it to boiling water or any liquid-based meal along with a few drops of acidity* and 10 minutes later, you now have iron-rich water or food! 

*Acidity can be citrus juice (lemon, lime), vinegars or tamarind. Broth made with tomatoes or stock cubes does not need extra acidity added.  

Product features: 

    • NEW! Now made with electrolytic iron: a clinically proven high-grade iron that is less prone to rusting. 
    • Releases 6-8mg of easily absorbable iron (that is 50%- 100% of one's daily required iron intake).
    • No side effects.
    • Clinically tested, safe, and easy to use.
    • Reusable for 5 years with daily use.
    • Your purchase helps undernourished communities around the world.     
    • Donate Lucky Iron Fish to communities and organizations
    • Provide men and women with training opportunities to address iron deficiency in their communities. This includes training, shipment and impact measurement to help organizations distribute Fish to families in need and help reduce the impacts of iron deficiency