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Kombi Edge GORE-TEX Men's Gloves

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The perfect pair of gloves for winter sports lovers! No matter your sport of choice, these gloves are the best pick for more intense activities, thanks to the +GORE ACTIVE technology for balanced heat transfer and optimized moisture management. The ULTRALOFT® breathable insulation and heat pack pocket provide even more warmth so you can stay comfy at all times. These medium cuff gloves are sure to give you an edge on the slopes!

Accu-dri Moisture Management
ACCU-DRI® is a moisture wicking technology that absorbs and disperses micro-droplets of humidity so that your garments dry more quickly. ACCU-DRI® is a KOMBI proprietary technology.

Goreactive. The +GORE ACTIVE certification guarantees an optimized balance of heat transfer and moisture management to keep your hands warm and dry.

Ultraloft Insulation. ULTRALOFT® is a KOMBI proprietary microfibre insulation that provides water-resistant and wind-resistant protection.

Our warm gloves feature high-performance components to keep hands dry and warm in very cold temperatures.

Shell: Durable, water-resistant, breathable, lightweight polyamide
Palm: Water-resistant synthetic leather

Membrane: GORE-TEX waterproof, breathable

Insulation: ULTRALOFT® breathable microfibre

Lining: ACCU-DRI® moisture-wicking micro-polyester

• +GORE ACTIVE technology for balanced heat transfer and optimized moisture management
• Heat pack pocket

Hand circumference at knuckles
Hand length
S 18.2 - 20.8 18.4 - 19.5
M 20.8 - 21.6 19.0 - 19.9
L 21.6 - 23.7 19.5 - 20.6
XL 23.7 - 26 20.6 - 21.2
XXL 26 + 21.1 +