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Klippan Knut Throw (100% Lamb's Wool - 130x200cm)

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The Velvet wool throw is crafted from Klippan's proprietary 100% Eco Lambswool. Beautiful and soft, the Velvet wool throw keeps in the heat so you stay warm and comfortable. The gorgeous pattern creates a charming texture, and the fringes on the side give it a classic look. The ideal throw to keep warm on a dark autumn night, or maybe as an additional layer for a cool summer evening

Dimensions: 130x200cm

About the Makers:

"Klippan was founded in 1879. Today, the fourth and fifth generations are working side by side, developing the company. The philosophy is to combine Swedish design with our long tradition of textile knowledge.

All of the Klippan throws are manufactured in our own factory. We only use natural material in our products and try to use eco-material as much as possible.

The classic throws are made of 100% lambswool. The definition of lambs' wool is the first shearing of the sheep that is no older than six months.

During latter years we have also been able to produce throws in ecologic lambs wool. The ecologic lambs wool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics have been used during the breeding of the sheep." 

About Eco and Responsible Wool:

A group of farmers in Bank Peninsula, New Zealand, decided to address the difficulties of Eco sheep breeding. They have developed a process where they only treat the sheep with pesticide once, instead of repeatedly as had been practiced before. They give this treatment when the sheep is newborn which leads to no or negligible amounts of pesticides in the finished wool as it grows. Additionally no chemicals are allowed to be used in the crops or in the food that the sheep eats and no antibiotic is used during the breading process. A special washing method for the wool has been developed to again save the environment as much as possible. Finally, as a control over the entire process, an independent an accredited laboratory test approves each consignment of wool. Bank Peninsula “ECO WOOL” is especially suitable for blankets and throws and KLIPPAN is exclusive in the market in using this material.