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Kimmy & Mike by Dave Paddon

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Well, they caught a few sculpins and hauled up some kelp,
Tried a few different places, but nothing would help.
"Oh, my," Mike said, "looks like a dead loss."
"I know now," said Kimmy. "Mother won't be some cross!"

Dave Paddon and Lily Snowden-Fine team up in this hilarious tall tale about siblings who set out to find some fish for their father’s supper. The fish aren’t biting, so Kimmy and Mike head off to see if they’ll have luck on the other side of the ocean.  En route they encounter hurricanes, a giant squid, pirates, a merman, an iceberg and much more. Theirs is a round-the-world adventure with plenty of fun. But it’s still up to their mother to find something for the pot.

Paddon’s playful rhymes resonate with Newfoundland dialect; Snowden-Fine’s illustrations are a marvelous match. The book includes a brief glossary of Newfoundland terms and an afterword from the author about his experience of the recitation tradition.

Running the Goat published an earlier version of this recitation as a letterpress-printed chapbook titled Not a Word of a Lie.  This new version has been revised with a younger audience in mind. Lily Snowden-Fine's whimsical illustrations will appeal to readers young and old.