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Kilner Preserving Starter Set

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This great Kilner preserving starter set contains all the essentials required to make at-home jams, pickles, chutneys and more. This all-in-one set is ideal for beginners or experienced preservers. Made from durable, high quality glass, the 500ml jars are the ideal size for decanting homemade creations. The two-piece lid system compromising creates the perfect vacuum seal, ensuring the contents stay fresher for longer. Makes an ideal gift for any occasion.

Set Contains: 4 x Kilner• 500ml Glass Preserve Jars, 1 x Jar Lifter, 1 x Funnel, 1 x Bubble Remover, 6 x Labels, 1 x Recipe Booklet. Dedicated to using sustainable and durable materials, Kilner• glass is 100% recyclable and is the safest and best option for storing food and drink.