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Heimess Soother Chain

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Keep Baby's binky within easy reach with a wooden soother holder from Heimess.
Heimess Canada Baby Pacifier Chain is made of hardwood from German forests (either walnut, beech or maple) and decorated with non-toxic and saliva-resistant dyes and lacquers. The metal clip is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. The small red reel used to allow easy attachment of the pacifier is made of high-quality 100% recyclable plastic that has been made in Germany. Handcrafted in Germany by Heimess. Note: pacifiers are sold separately.

HEIMESS soft colours: For the sake of the children and the environment we use only water-based paints for our high-quality toys and dispense with clear varnish containing solvents. This may result in traces of usage due to mechanical friction. The glazing of the beads leaves the fine structure of the wood visible