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Gros Morne Whole Bean Coffee

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Delicious coffee roasted in Western Newfoundland.
Its fresh, local, fair and organic!

Tablelands - Medium Roast

This blend combines two of our favourite Central and South American beans to create a wonderful blend. The sweetness and brightness of Colombia  with the nutty, chocolate flavours from Guatemala come together to create a beautifully balanced cup of coffee

Tuckamore - Dark Roast

This blend of Central and South American beans creates a wonderful espresso. We've roasted this blend to bring out a balance of brightness and body with chocolate notes. The addition of Brazilian beans delivers a terrific crema, giving this espresso a silky smooth crema

Northern Light - Light Roast

Northern Light is our first ever light roast blend. This bright, crisp, flavourful coffee is perfectly versatile. Both of the varietals in this blend (Colombia and Guatemala) come to us from the wonderful Cafe Femenino organization.

Christmas Blend - Medium Roast, Seasonal

This delicious seasonal favourite combines the natural chocolate flavours of Mexico-Chiapas with the fruitiness of our natural-process Ethiopia-Sidamo.  A beautiful blend to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Decaf - Medium Roast

Decaf - Dark Roast