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University of Toronto Press

Green Meat? Sustaining Eaters, Animals and the Planet by Edited by Ryan M. Katz & Sarah J. Martin

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Does a sustainable future include eating meat?

It seems an irrefutable truth that raising animals for meat has become unsustainable. Land is being eroded and destroyed, water resources overdrawn, greenhouse gases overemitted, and energy and crops unnecessarily diverted - all to satiate a growing and inequitable global over consumption of meat. But is all meat unsustainable?

Sustainable food systems are multiple and varied and represent the diversity and complexity we see in the world. A range of socio-ecological and political-economic challenges and solutions are involved in the question of whether sustainable meat consumption exists. Green Meat? teases out some of that complexity in order to consider what roles animals and their products might play in the future as the world works towards new ways of living. Through an interdisciplinary lens, scholars and practitioners critically examine the multifaceted dimensions of "green meat": contributors confront the industrial production and slaughter of animals, ask what it means to be a carnivore, and consider the possibilities of regenerative animal agriculture and cellular agriculture. The book analyzes ongoing damage to the landscape, the climate, and water systems caused by conventional livestock production and looks at current debates about the place of meat in sustainable agri-food systems.

An expansive inquiry into food production practices, Green Meat? will inspire the kind of discussion and debate necessary to grapple with the complex issue of sustainability.
Green Meat? Sustaining Eaters, Animals, and the Planet Edited by Ryan M. Katz and Sarah J. Martin