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7 Fathoms Seaweed Face & Body Lotion

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Formerly called Grates Cove Seaweed Face and Body Lotion; now titled 7 Fathoms Lotion. The seaweed that is used is harvested right in Grates Cove Newfoundland! Not only is this seaweed sustainable but it also absorbs nourishment solely from the sea making it a treasure trove of natural beneficial ingredients.

If you are looking for a natural product with no added dyes or colours, is vegan, paraben free, super hydrating and non scented, our Newfoundland Seaweed Face and Body Lotion is the choice for you.

√ Sustainably Harvested
√ Hypo-allergenic
√ Paraben Free
√ No added colours or dyes

√ Unscented
√ Vegan
√ Cruelty Free
√ Does not contain animal products or byproducts