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Fee Brothers Botanical Waters (150mL)

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Botanical waters are an excellent way to add complexity without the sweetness of a floral liqueur.
With no added alcohol, flower waters are a sublime way to elevate non-alcoholic cocktails and iced teas, too.
  • Fee Brothers Hibiscus Flower Water

With a tangy floral scent and flavour, it pair perfectly with drinks that contain hints of citrus or fruit. Greatly complements foods and beverages from Latin America. Use very small amounts to add a new fragrant dimension to any cocktail or preparation.

  • Fee Brothers Jasmine Flower Water

Delicious accent and a little dash goes a long way in your next cocktail. Used for centuries to create oils and tea, Jasmine brings the delicate aroma of fresh blossoms in each splash. Used sparingly, this floral water can take a drink, ice cream or dessert to extraordinary places.