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Epicureal Spices

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 Espelette chili pepper is often considered the softer, more palatable alternative to cayenne pepper. originally from the basque region of france, it is a staple in french cuisine with it’s beautiful red-orange color and mild but full-flavourful taste. Fantastic sprinkled over pasta dishes, mixed into homemade salad dressing or used to season a basque-style chicken for a kick of spice that will satisfy but not overwhelm! Espelette Pepper adds a unique spicy kick to fried eggs or home-fries and is excellent in vinaigrettes with sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
 Sazon Powder is a type of seasoning salt that is used in Spanish and Mexican cuisine. It is a blend of coriander, cumin, annatto seeds, and garlic, which is great for for soups and stews. The seasoning is versatile and great for one-pot meals, such as Arroz Con Pollo, or just sprinkle it in soups for a burst of Latin flavor.
 An aromatic Persian spice mix used to flavour traditional rice and chicken dishes. Advieh Spice Blend is fragrant and warming but not spicy, and includes cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and rose petals. It's delicious in lamb stews, lamb burgers or meatballs. Use it to season chicken before roasting or make a paste with oil and rub it on chicken thighs for charcoal grilling. It's superb in rice pilaf along with saffron.