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East Coast Glow x Caplanky's Delicatessent: Wild Mustard Iceberg Infused Soap

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When our friends Zane and Willa at Caplansky's Delicatessen reached out to see if we could create something amazing together using icebergs and mustard, we couldn't wait to dig in and get started! Initially, this seemed like an unlikely union, but by late summer, we began foraging for the wild mustard flowers that grow prolifically in Newfoundland. It was so late in the season when the idea came together that we were unable to collect quite enough to complete this cool project, so Zane and Willa called on farmgirl Adele Buettner in Saskatchewan for help, and now this collaboration brings together the very best of Canada!

In true East Coast Glow style, we fused together raw, organic mango, shea and cocoa butters, unrefined plant oils, and infused them with antioxidant-rich wild mustard, pure iceberg water, and an uplifting blend of citrus and rosemary essential oils. The result is a creamy, low lathering soap that will gently cleanse and envelope your skin in supple softness.

Local artist Jud Haynes is the creative genius behind the super fun box design that embodies Zane's huge personality, and helps to keep this product as close to home as we can!

The Ritual: Wet bar, lather up, and rinse clean!

Store your awesome new iceberg water soap on a draining soap dish.

Ingredients: Iceberg water (aqua), sodium cocoate, sodium avocadate, sodium canolate, sodium olivate, sodium shea butterat, theobroma cacao seed butter, mangifera indica seed butterat, sodium castorate, citrus aurantifolia oil, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, citrus medica limonum peel oil, kaolin, *sinapsis arvensis flower extract, zinc oxide, *bixa orellana seed, *brassica alba seed. *Denotes wildcrafted or organically grown.