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DIY Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car (Ages 8+)

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The Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car is an educational toy that unlocks creativity and problem-solving skills while introducing the key concepts of renewable energy. This salt water fuel cell engine car has 4 Wheel Drive and a Twist Body with adjustable height to discover capabilities in handling different types of terrains. It can also move forward and backward on its own once you have added salt water to power its fuel cell.
  • Build your own self-powered car!  Use the flat-pack components to assemble your unique salt water fuel cell vehicle. 
  • Explore STEM Discipline: Hone your child's interest in science, engineering, technology and ecology with the Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car Kit. This STEM set is perfect for at-home play or classroom projects.
  • Learn about renewable energy: Let your child become the engineer and design their own vehicle powered by nothing but ordinary salt water with this educational toy. This engine car inspires your child to learn more about the nature of the battery and how to make one.
  • No batteries required: Powered solely by salt water, this vehicle can move easily regardless of terrains for days!