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Deuter AViANT Access Movo Spinner Suitcases

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The Access Movo puts the fun into travel. This new roller bag has four wheels that swivel 360° and a lightweight aluminum extendable luggage handle for easy multi-directional movement. A wide aperture, suitcase-style front opening provides a practical means of packing, unpacking or locating items and keeps everything well organized. The laptop compartment at the front is easy to access on the move.

  • Trolley system
  • Easily replaceable wheel
  • Numerous handles
  • Fixed point on main compartment for zip lock
  • Large opening into main compartment
  • Carry On dimensions
  • Laptop compartment up to 15 inch
  • NFC technology
  • PFC free

A high-quality and extremely robust TPU material that is highly tear resistant through fabric reinforcement and waterproof due to the closed surface. The closed surface reduces abrasion and, thus, the wear and tear of the material considerably. We use the material in different qualities – 620, 420 and 210 denier. Depending on the mechanical stress, the material can vary in the strength of the coating, the surface structure and single or double-sided coating. It is used, in particular, for our backpacks in areas of higher mechanical stress or increased moisture. The material is PVC-free and, therefore, lighter than comparable fabrics. It remains elastic even in extreme conditions. The 420D polyamide fabric is extremely robust : thanks to the dense and extremely fine structure of the fabric, both of the polyamide fabrics are extremely tear and abrasion resistant. The double PU coating protects from moisture with a water column of 1500 mm

Access Movo 36: Sized to comply with carry-on luggage criteria it keeps the time you spend in airports down to a minimum and the hassle to a minimum too. No queuing at the luggage drop. No waiting at baggage claim. Travel simplicity at its best. 
Specs: Weight 2710g, Volume 36 Liter, Dimensions H55cm/W36cm/D23cm

Access Movo 60: Comes with a stowable Deuter Contact carry system that allows you to shoulder them like a backpack.
Specs: Weight 3500 g, Volume 60 Liter, Dimensions H75cm/W36cm/D31cm

Access Movo 80: Comes with a stowable Deuter Contact carry system that allows you to shoulder them like a backpack.
Specs: Weight 4120 g, Volume 80 Liter, Dimensions H83cm/W45cm/D34cm