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Danica Sweet Bees Honey Pot with Dipper

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Keep this busy bees honeypot by Now Designs on your countertop for easy access to a sweet dip of honey whenever it is needed.

  • Golden honey makes its home within the gentle curves and notched lid of this stoneware pot. A birch dipper makes drizzling easy.
  • There's bound to be buzz over this sweet as can bee collection featuring honeycomb textures and golden yellow hues.
  • includes wood dipper
  • Convenient design enables access to honey with an easy-to-remove lid and honey dipper for simple no-drip use. 10-ounce pot measures 3 x 4 inches; 12-ounce pot measures 3.25 x 4 inches
  • Three buzzing bees keep busy in the flower wreath that surrounds their hive and a sunny yellow flat lid lends a pop of added color
  • Made from enduring smooth-glazed stoneware that's and easy to clean
  • Wash honey pots in the dishwasher and hand wash dippers as needed. Honey pots (not the dippers, though!) are also safe for reheating in the microwave
  • Now Designs is a collection of kitchen and dining essentials designed to celebrate and support the joy of living well. Reimagined classics and an abundance of colors and tones to appeal to every taste.