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Built for Life: Healing Stories from the Avalon Dragon Boat Build by Carol J. Haddad

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We're proud to partner with the Avalon Dragons to distribute their new publication, Built for Life: Healing Stories from the Avalon Dragon Boat Build. All proceeds from the sale of this self-published magazine will go to the Avalon Dragons. 

Author, speaker, and Professor Emerita Dr. Carol J. Haddad, Ph.D. takes you through the incredible stories of healing, community, and persistence in this history of the Avalon Dragons' boat build in 2007-2008. Dr. Haddad conducted interviews with the women boat builders throughout this time, as well as compiling photographs and notes. These interviews went on to serve as a basis for a chapter in Dr. Haddad's 2019 book, Ungendering Technology: Women Retooling the Masculine Sphere

 About the Avalon Dragons

On October 30, 2006, dragon boating for breast cancer survivors got its start in Newfoundland and Labrador. It was then, we discovered this wonderful, fun way to exercise. Since that time, we’ve succeeded in building a strong organization with a team of over sixty members. Proudly, we are the only dragon boat team in North America to build their boat. With support from the Town of Paradise and some terrific sponsors, we also have a beautiful pond site to operate from, twin docks, and six fibreglass boats.

In August 2008, we achieved one of our earliest goals when 30 team members competed in a Dragon Boat Festival in New Glasgow, NS. Since then, we've paddled in two International Dragon Boat Festivals for Breast Cancer Survivors and in 2011 we hosted our first annual Paddle in Paradise festival.

We believe dragon boating sends the powerful message that people living with breast cancer can lead full, active, healthy lives. We hope that this message is a source of hope and inspiration to others who are just starting on their cancer journey.