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Öko Creations Reusable Menstrual Pads - ÖkoMini Thong Panty Liner

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The ÖkoMini Thong Panty Liner is a panty liner designed for use with thong underwear. It provides light protection for menstrual flow or discharge, and can be used as back-up protection with a tampon or menstrual cup. This liner is so thin and discrete, you'll barely know it's there.

The fabric that comes into contact with the skin is made with a specially woven organic cotton which quickly absorbs liquid. The absorbent core is made with naturally antibacterial hemp fleece. 

Similar to conventional pads, a set of wings hold these liners in place. Instead of an adhesive, Öko's wings secure with super thin snaps. Designed to be narrower at the back and wider in the front for a perfect fit in your favourite thong underwear. 

 Öko Creations Guarantee
At Öko we celebrate diversity and we know that every person's body is unique! We are constantly working to improve our products for the optimal comfort of each of you, which is why we offer you a satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Colour: natural, undyed, backing has cute patterns
  • Composition: 81% organic cotton, 8% hemp, 11% food-grade polyeurethane (the snaps)
  • Label: 100% certified organic cotton
  • Packaging: FSC certified cardboard
  • Made in Quebec, Canada