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Newfoundland Wildflower Stud Earrings from Velvet Snow

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Velvet Snow Accessories is a handcrafted jewelry line based in Newfoundland, Canada. Designer Kim Cleary, born and raised in St. John’s, forages wild flowers and foliage within the province and turns them into beautiful, minimalistic accessories.

Hypoallergenic, non-tarnish stainless steel studs available in silver, rose gold, or gold plating. Flowers and resin colors will vary by piece. 

extra small round studs

  • bezel size: 8mm

small round studs

  • bezel size: 10mm

medium round studs

  • bezel size: 12mm

large round studs

  • bezel size: 18mm

small teardrop studs

  • bezel size: 10x14mm

medium teardrop studs

  • bezel size: 13x18mm

small oval studs

  • bezel size: 10x14mm

bouquet oval studs

  • bezel size: 13x18mm
  • features a flower bouquet design

geometric kite studs

  • 10mm square cabochons

geometric triangle studs

  • 10mm triangle cabochons

geometric oddball studs

  • 10mm square and circular mismatched cabochons