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Travelon Anti-Nausea Wristband Duo

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  • 2 pairs of anti-nausea wristbands (4 bands per package)
  • Unique bracelet design uses acupressure to prevent and control motion sickness
  • Recommended to prevent nausea from motion, boating, driving, flying, rail travel, chemotherapy or anesthesia
  • No drugs, no side-effects, just gentle pressure on wrist's pressure points
  • Must be worn on both wrists to be effective
  • Can be washed with soap or mild detergent
  • Size recommended for adults ages 12 and up

How it works:

  • The stretchable cotton spandex wristbands include a polypropylene protruding button, design to align with the Neu Kuan accupressure point on each wrist
  • Precise positioning of the wristband's buttons on the Neu Kuan pressure point is important and may improve results

See full instructions inside package for proper usage and full caution advisory.