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BoomCard iPhone Card-Style Tracking Device

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Please Note: these trackers are NOT compatible with Android or Google Devices. They work off of Apple's FindMy technology. 

At long last! A solution for iPhone users who are sick of losing their wallet, backpack, purse, or other essentials. Find lost items with Apple Find My app. Made from ocean-bound plastic for sustainability. Never lose a thing again, while making a positive impact. Pop one into any credit card slot in your wallet or a pocket in your bag and move through life with peace of mind, knowing exactly where your items are at any given time. 

  • Credit card-sized tracker designed to fit in your wallet
  • Features a hole so it can be attached to your belongings with a keyring or carabiner
  • Keep track of your possessions effortlessly (iOS iPhone only)
  • Easy tracking with the Apple Find My app
  • Made from sustainable ocean-bound plastic!