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Bee Box - Shave the Planet Gift Box

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Cut the waste from your shaving routine with this sustainable safety razor gift set! 


  • Rockwell R1 Double-Edged Safety Razor: The R1 is the perfect razor to get started with double-edge shaving. Set to the most popular Rockwell size (R1), the R1 makes it nearly impossible to cut yourself, while providing and incredibly smooth shave.
  • PureBadger Collection Razor Bank: Blade disposal has never been more safe and effective with the PureBadger Collection Black Razor Bank. Simply store used blades here and they can be tossed in the recycling bin without contamination or safety hazards.
  • Rockwell Razors Alum Sticks: Soothe skin and seal nicks after a fresh shave with our naturally astringent Rockwell Alum Matches. Besides its fast-acting coagulant properties, alum acts as a natural antibacterial to prevent infection while reducing redness.