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Purity Life

Atlantick Water Resistant Tick Kit

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The Atlantick® Tick Kit is jam packed with two Tick Pick Removers (SM and LG), Tick Tweezers, Tick ID Card, Magnifying glass, adhesive bandages, Alcohol Swabs, Latex Gloves, Vial to Store the Tick, Sticky Roller to grab tiny, hard to see ticks, and a 10ml Sample of our popular Outdoor Spray.

PERFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF PETS:  The Atlantick® Tick Kit includes tools that are perfect for protecting your 4 legged friends BEFORE the ticks become a problem for them, including a Sticky Lint Roller to capture hard to see ticks. 

NEVER TWIST A TICK! You will have everything you need for safely removing ticks without twisting. Just grab with the tick tool provided and slowly pry out.

PORTABILITY: The Tick Kit can easily attach to your backpack, go in your glove box or simply keep in your house. It has everything you need to manage any tick issues that arise.

SAFE & CLEAN: After every use, simply put the tick tool under running water to clean and use alcohol to sanitize, and store back to the original case after drying.

OUTDOOR & TRAVEL ENTHUSIASTS: Great use for outdoor enthusiasts with pets and/or kids.  Light weight, stored in a portable bag, and can be attached anywhere on your backpack, trailers, purses, luggage, travel bags. Comes very handy for camping, hiking, and even daily walks. 

REDUCE RISK OF TICK DISEASE INFECTIONS: With the Tick Kit™ on hand, you can quickly react to tick bites. According to the CDC, summer is the peak season for ticks’ disease transmission, having this kit nearby will allow you to react quickly.

BETTER TOGETHER: AtlanTick offers a wide array of all natural outdoor spray products and accessories for a long lasting lemongrass scent.