Twillingate Marine Organics Liquid Fish Soil Ammendment

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Liquid fish helps seeds germinate faster, supplying plants with essential nourishment.
Our trials, and our customers found plants grow rapidly after each application, reaching harvestable size earlier in the season. Yes, you can grow your own, and Liquid Fish will help you along the way. 

Build your soil terroir. We think the soil you grow in makes a difference to flavour and nutrient density in your produce. Liquid fish stimulates soil microbiology, enabling the plant-soil-connections that drive yield and faster growth to maturity. This is a biological approach, different than synthetic chemical fertilizers or traditional reliance on NPK.

This product is Earth & Ocean friendly. Rest assured, marine organics have no harmful chemicals or excessive nitrogen loads. We divert fishery byproducts from ocean dumping and use 100% of the fish to create a value based soil input with the richness of trace minerals, amino acids and fat. You get the benefit of all the oils, collagen and calcium from our cold enzymatic process.