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Trebuchet: Construct, Launch & Bombard!

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  • CREATE WITH KEVA: Build your own authentic Trebuchet with KEVA planks, a little glue and the help of easy, step-by-step instructions. Then let the fun and experimentation begin!
  • BUILDING BRAIN POWER: Sharpen essential skills like measuring, following directions and turning two-dimensional information into three-dimensional reality with our high-flying, build-it-yourself Trebuchet.
  • FAST-FLINGING FUN: Once the KEVA Trebuchet is assembled, test the principles of physics by adjusting the angle of the sling pouch. Experiment with force, tension and angles to score big on the included target planks.
  • INCLUDES: Pre-drilled KEVA planks, wood glue, trigger cord, wooden dowels, sling pouch with trigger ring, release pegs, 2 KEVA balls and instructions.