The Road Trip Pilgrim's Guide: Witchdoctors, Magic Tokens, Camping on Golf Courses

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By: Dan Austin

* Fun and funny stories, as well as goofy illustrations, will entertain all for whom the shout "Road Trip!" brings an automatic smile
* Vagabond, couch-surfing, road-wise filmmaker author writes with the experience of someone who lives with one-hand clutching a sleeping bag
* Contains useful advice to help launch aspiring pilgrims onto their journeys

This guidebook-cum-journal describes how to plan and complete a successful road trip. Anecdotal and inspirational, it offers learned-on-the-road advice for seeking adventure, having fun, and taking time for yourself-whether it's a weekend trip to a nearby bluegrass festival, a week's vacation to explore your roots in Ireland, or a months-long journey to explore the ruins of Southeast Asia. The most essential element for a pilgrim? A sense of purpose and mindfulness every time you hit the road