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The Bears & The Bees Game

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A Fun & Strategic Tile-Placement Card Game | Enjoyed by Kids, Teens, & Adults | From the Creators of Cover Your Assets |

Ideal for 2-5 Players Ages 8+

Build "hivalries" with your opponents as you race to be the first to play all your cards in this beautiful and strategic tile laying game.
Each game begins with the Queen Bee at the center the the hive and with every passing turn cards are added to the hive by players who connect matching, or wild, colors on their edges with other cards in play.
Every card played must connect with at least 2 other cards, and every side that connects with another card must match. Match more than two sides and you'll earn a bonus play, string those bonus plays together and you can leave your opponents behind in your trail of pollen!
Be careful though, attack cards played by your rivals, like Flowers, Worker Bees, and the dreaded Bears, can sticky up your plans to go out by forcing you to draw!