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Spirits with Smoke

Spirits with Smoke Smoking Saucer Set

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The Smoking Saucer Set epitomizes both form and function—the perfect set for any home bartender looking to add a smokey aroma to any cocktail. With three different types of Signature Alcohol Infused Wood Chips, create a gorgeous smokey lake effect that adds distinct, delicious bursts of aromatic flavour.

The saucers are handmade by skilled artisans from North America using the finest domestic Maple wood to ensure long-lasting durability and high-quality aromas. The Saucer fits perfectly on all types of glassware: rocks glasses, coupes, Glencairn’s, wine glasses and more!

We only use raw, natural unfinished woods sourced in North America and high-quality brass screens to ensure that our Saucers create only safe, all-natural, non-toxic smoke, unlike other smokers on the market.


  • Three 4 oz tins of woodchips, specifically selected for their distinct aromas and infused with spirits to pair perfectly with your cocktails, whiskeys & wines!
    • Bourbon Oak: Vanilla & nutty with medium intensity smoke
    • Rum & Maple: Smooth molasses & cane sugar notes with a light intensity smoke
    • Cognac & Cherry: Fruity/Berried notes with a sweet & light smoke intensity
  • Four Restaurant Quality Coasters
  • 8-Page Recipe Booklet
  • Four Dehydrated Orange slices for Garnish.
  • Two replacement brass screens

Please Note:

  1. It needs to be used with an ignitor (not included)
  2. It is made out of wood, and the bowl will turn black over time with use.
  3. Ensure to read and watch the instructions for proper use to ensure a long lifetime of your Saucer.