Sockwell Women's Pacer Micro Compression Ankle Sock M/Lg

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Stability and support-inspired by athletic taping, the wrapped, Firm support helps stabilize the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the arch (plantar) and ANKLE (Achilles Tendon) resulting in decreased vibration and less fatigue. The 4-way stretch aspect in the stabilizer series affords maximum support while maintaining freedom of movement. Improved circulation-the Firm support and compression in the arch and ANKLE help improve circulation and reduce inflammation by minimizing the blood pooling into the foot. Strategic cushioning-a dense cushioning in the heel and extended heel pad provide additional impact absorption in the strike zone. Freedom toe box-the toe and forefoot have a low volume cushion to protect but does not take up too much room in the shoe. The toe close is a non-abrasive state of the art seamless closure. High performance natural fiber-our Merino wool/Rayon from Bamboo, provides natural thermoregulation, moisture management, odor control and helps prevent blisters.

Size M/Lg 8-11