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Recap Small Batch Fermentation Starter Kit

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  • KIT INCLUDES: Silver Wide reCAP POUR Cap, 24 ounce Mason Jar, reCAP Fermenter (waterless airlock + stopper), 4 ounce Mason Jar Weight, 2.5 ounce packet of Himalayan Pink Salt, Instructions, Recipes, and access to full Fermentation eBook Download
  • JUST ADD VEGGIES & WATER - Kit includes everything you need to start fermenting right away. Just pick our your favorite produce or get ideas from the recipes we included for you. Designed for newbies, it has never been easier to ferment right in your home!
  • AUTHENTIC WATERLESS ONE-WAY VALVE - Just as it sounds, a one-way valve allows the flow of a gas or liquid in only one direction. This is the purpose of an airlock: to allow carbon dioxide gas to flow out of the jar, and prevent oxygen (or anything else) from flowing into the jar. NO maintenance or monitoring required. No need to monitor water levels, like in other airlocks. Ferment and forget about it!
  • SAFE MATERIALS - BPA-free, FDA-approved, NO-BREAK materials have been lab tested and passed the Highest Quality and Safest standards. Recommended as the safest plastic for food and beverage, reCAP Mason Jars lids maintain freshness and extend the life of your ingredients and leftovers. Dishwasher safe, stain resistant and able to freeze without breaking. We use only the best material available.
  • MADE IN USA - American made, durable, and built to last, reCAP Mason Jars lids are made in our hometown of Erie, PA. From eco-friendly tips and delicious recipes to everyday hacks and essential how-to's, we promote creative and smart ways to reuse Mason jars after-canning. Replace rusty lids with long-lasting, easy and convenient reCAP