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Purity Life

Radius The DOC Toothbrush/Razor Holder

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Grip it real good

The DOC™ is so much more than a toothbrush holder. Its a game-changer in the bathroom and beyond. The suction base fixes easily to any smooth surface, securely clasping everything from toothbrushes to kitchen spoons.

  1. Sticks Anywhere
    In the bathroom or the office, vertical or horizontal, The DOC latches on to any non-porous surface with ease.
  2. Multi-Purpose
    Although The DOC is the perfect holder for your RADIUS® toothbrush, it’s also great for gripping kitchen towels, spoons, cellphones, and — our personal favorite — razors in the shower.
  3. 100% Recyclable
    We can’t imagine why you’d ever want to toss The DOC, but if you do, rest assured that it’s 100% recyclable. The DOC is also completely free from all harmful additives like BPA, phthalates, latex, lead you name it.
  4. Completely Dishwasher Safe
    Pop it in your dishwasher when needed and The DOC comes out good as new. .