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Pokoloko Lenora Turkish Body Towel

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This is a flat, jacquard weave with a soothing design for bath, beach, home, and wear. It is a reversible towel, making it easy to style draped elegantly at home, rolled out in nature, or wrapped around your shoulders.

Jacquard speaks to the mechanism that creates a double layered-reversible patterned weave. Made with 100% Turkish cotton which has longer, more durable fibres (that get softer with use!). Our focus always includes versatility, utility, and functionality, so that you can buy less, but use it more!

Designed to elevate your bath, beach, home, outfits or adventures ahead. Ideal for travel because it’s wearable, compact and lightweight; use it indoors and outdoors (repels sand and grass - yes, actually).

This is truly one of our favourite gifts to share for any celebration - as a swaddle at a baby shower, a housewarming towel, your coworker’s birthday, your beach BFF.