Pokoloko Isabelle Turkish Towel

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Oh how we’re smitten with the colors and geometric pattern of this towel! Whether you want a pop of color, or a more neutral addition to your wardrobe, home or for adventure - this beauty has it all. 

While the science of Turkish towels dates to the 17th century, their quick-dry, high-absorbency, and stunning, lightweight weaves remain popular worldwide - because when it works, it works.  The Isabelle Towel is a great example of a time-tested ancient weaving technique paired with a modern, classic design suitable for any space, any road trip or outing, any time.

We love seeing the creative ways you’ve used Poko towels for tables, travel & beach, living areas or for sauna, and as an accessory-turns-towel for all seasons. The durability of Turkish cotton, combined with the versatility of use makes this a quality investment designed to last. Learn more about the many ways to use this towelHERE. 

Named after one of our sweetest and reliable Poko team members, Poko towels are always a gift that is well appreciated and loved by your loved one, for both just-because and bigger milestone celebrations. How many ways can you see yourself wearing or styling this timeless weave?


100% Turkish cotton


35.5” W x 70” L