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Pokoloko Crinkle Cloud Baby Blanket

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If fluffy clouds could have a blanket hand feel - this would be it!  This muslin's versatility evolves as the baby grows - from swaddle to cover, it is light-weight and compact for travel. 

This is a generously-sized textile to keep your little one comforted and cozy. Great as a swaddle for young babies, for car seat/stroller cover on the go, or draped over the shoulder for sweet snuggles. Truly a little luxury for new babies and parents; surely to be a favorite in their house, ready to become a toddler’s comfort blanket.

This natural fabric is a 100% pure Turkish muslin cotton, with a sweet and wonder-full pattern that adds texture and softness to a little one's space. Turkish cotton is extra strong and durable - it is machine-washable, and is effortless to care for considering increased laundry needs. 

A perfect gift for the babe and parents, it’s ideal for any gender to be wrapped or tucked into. We hope it helps the little Poko drift away like a cloud to dream land. 

44"W x 44"L