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Peter Sobol Greeting Cards

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 Peter Sobol has been a visual artist for over 30 years.

"My inspiration comes to me from looking outside my window.  Whether it is the puffins or the coastline and the lifestyle of the fisher folk – I want my customers to share the experience and love I have for the natural wonders of Newfoundland.  Nature really is the perfect sculptor."

The art of Peter Sobol encompasses pottery, sculpture and painting –in oil and watercolour– and is the basis for his prints and cards.  Located in the community of Witless Bay, Peter has a front row seat on the breathtaking cliffs and colonies of the puffin, which he describes as "the most exotic bird I have ever seen."  His renderings have the intimacy and authenticity that comes from first hand experience –literally.  Every summer, Peter assists in the rescue and release of stranded puffin chicks.  Pitcher plants, dories, outport architecture and the constant presence of the powerful North Atlantic characterize his images.  Fairies and comical situations point to Peter Sobol's fascination with the folklore and beliefs that many settlers of Newfoundland brought with them from Ireland.