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NL Seaweed Company

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Sea Vegetables are a rich, plant based source of immunity - boosting minerals,  vitamins lipids and other bioactive compounds. 

A new local Superfood harvested right here on the Avalon Peninsula.

Sea Vegetables, bursting with tasty ocean flavour.   Sustainable development of culinary seaweeds.

Kombu Powder: the easiest way to use Kombu....simply stir in a teaspoon to any dish or salt the onions to build in layer of flavour. 100% Laminaria Digitata, blanched, concentrated by dehydration and milled to absorb into the dish. 

Kombu Sticks: The traditional culinary kelp used to infuse a lingering savoriness called Umami. We call it pot-licking yumminess. Add a stick and steep or simmer gently 20 minutes . This Kombu is Laminaria Digitata grows year round along NL's rocky coasts. 

Alaria Leaf: The tenderest brown kelp, Alaria Esculenta grows year round in the intertidal zone on hard to reach rocky outcrops. Tasty and delicate , know as North Atlantic Wakame. Rehydrate and slide thinly for salads, or use in recipes.