National Geographic Atlas of Beer - Nancy Hoalst-Pullen & Mark W. Patterson

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The world of beer is vast: diverse in its offerings and dazzling in its complexity. Today, craft brewing has been elevated from a hobbyist’s pursuit to a global art form. In this beautifully illustrated book, shot through with authoritative maps and glorious photography, National Geographic has compiled the most comprehensive collection of information on beers and the countries they’re brewed in with ATLAS OF BEER: A Globe-Trotting Journey Through the World of Beer (National Geographic Books; on sale Sept. 19, 2017; ISBN: 978-1-4262-1833-0; 304 pages; $40.00).

Authors, geography professors and self-proclaimed “beer doctors,” Nancy Hoalst-Pullen, Ph.D., and Mark W. Patterson, Ph.D., traveled more than 160,000 miles across 28 countries to reveal the most unique, historic and delicious brews across the globe. And Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of the celebrated Brooklyn Brewery, recommends great beers from 40 regions around the world, as well as tasting notes, food pairings and presentation tips. Their body of research, complemented by 100 maps, 300 color photographs and quirky trivia, makes ATLAS OF BEER an essential reference – and perfect gift — for craft aficionados and novices alike.

Covering 45 countries and six continents, this boozy treasure trove of beautiful photos and revealing maps is packed with practical travel advice. Each section focuses on a different continent and explores what the locals are drinking, the future of beer and which breweries and beer festivals are worth the trek. Readers also will learn the subtle arts of international beer culture – for example, which glass should be used with tropical fruit beer in Brazil. Or how to ask for a large beer in each of Australia’s seven states, in 14 different languages. Or how to conquer the complexities of proper drinking etiquette in Japan.

Smart, informative and richly illustrated, ATLAS OF BEER will ensure that you find the perfect pint wherever you may be in the world.