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Sandpiper Distributing Inc.

Modern Kitchen Products Non-Stick Bake Liner

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Discover the Modern Kitchen Product’s non-stick bake liner. Not only does the MKP bake liner surpass the qualities of traditional baking paper thanks to it’s high-quality non-stick properties, and is also more economical thanks to its long-lasting durability. Thanks to it’s excellent non-stick coating, your bakeware will last longer, and cleaning up will be fast and easy.


– Reusable and better for the environment

– Non-stick, easily cleans with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher

– Great for low fat cooking, no oil needed

– Suitable for all oven and cookware types

– Can be cut to size

Instructions for use

-Heat resistant up to 500 Fahrenheit (260 Celsius)

-Avoid contact with flames, heating elements and sharp objects

-Use with non-stick safe utensils



Size – 33x40cm (13” x 16”)


Made in Belgium